Gambling and Gaming

Doing business in a highly regulated industry is both challenging and rewarding. Companies operating in the gaming and gambling field are required to place important resources in dealing with complex legal and technical requirements. Our role is to alleviate the burden of regulatory pressure by ensuring compliance is met with a minimum input from our clients, therefore allowing them focus on what they know best, improving their business.

We understand the full spectrum of the gaming and gambling industry having extensive experience in working with leading gaming machines manufactures, gaming software providers as well as online and land-based gambling companies.

Our expertise includes:

  • Licensing and authorisation
  • Custom made solutions for business agreements between gaming hardware, software providers and their clients
  • Drawing up and implementing internal regulations in accordance with applicable laws
  • Regulatory advice on gambling activities advertisement
  • Developing and assistance in implementing ESG policies
  • Gaming related disputes resolution

Our role is to minimize the time and resources spent with compliance allowing clients to do what you know best, improving their product.