Immigration and citizenship

In an ever-changing business environment, companies interest and need in immigration matters has become more and more frequent. As markets competitiveness increases, companies rely on moving workforce between countries or hiring foreign employees in order to secure efficiency. Moreover, has been proved that diversity on teams, especially at the leadership and decision-making levels, upraises innovation and, as a consequence, profitability.

We offer a full range of immigration services, including but not limited to:

Short stay visas for:

  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Sport activities
  • Cultural, scientific, humanitarian, medical treatment of short duration or other activities

Long stay visas and residence permits for:

  • Commercial activities (business)
  • Professional activities
  • Work (work contract)
  • Studies
  • Scientific research

Citizenship applications and citizenship related matters:

In recent years, due to its EU member status and previsions to become a Schengen state by the end of 2023, Romania witnessed a rise of applications for citizenship from individuals whose ascendants are or have been Romanian citizens.

We are one of the few professionals who provide legal assistance and representation for eligible individuals who desire to obtain Romanian citizenship. We assist our clients at each and every step of the procedure, from case analysis and determination of eligibility to preparing the file and application for submission to the National Citizenship Authority and, further on, in obtaining Romanian civil registry documents and Romanian passport.